Located at 144 2nd Ave. N. in the heart of Nashville, Liquor Laboratory – best known as Liquor Lab – is a hands-on, interactive craft beer, wine, spirits and cocktail event space where guests can experience custom beverages like never before.

Think of this as a cooking class, but solely for specialty sips. While learning about recipe history and preparation, attendees shake, stir and sip delicious drinks. A category-specific professional leads each instructional session, as guests follow along step-by-step and discover the evening’s focus in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Liquor Lab encourages socializing with friends and meeting new people. During the tutorial, there are opportunities to interact with the class leader and win prizes.

Behind The Bar


  • Freddie Sarkis CCO (Chief Cocktail Officer): Freddie Has been in the craft cocktail community since 2005 working in Chicago, Miami, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Budapest. Responsible for contributing to programs such as Celeste, Bordel, and the Broken Shaker, he was also a national brand ambassador for Beefeater and Plymouth Gin. In addition to Freddie leading sessions at Liquor Lab, we have many world class guest bartenders and specialists that contribute to events and themed nights, as well as a few surprise guests.
  • Jim Ryan
  • Chris Bidmead
  • Candice Coy
  • Dev Johnson