Nov. 15th, 6:30 - 8:30pm - CLASSIC COCKTAILS OF NEW YORK

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Class notes: What makes a great cocktail? Mainly spirits, water, sugar and bitters – but that comes with a lot of history. What makes a great New York cocktail? That’s an entirely different story...

Run of Show: We’ll discuss cocktail pioneers like Dale DeGroff, and revolutionary influencers who continue to shape the industry, as we know it today. In between cocktails we will turn on some light music and have social time to enjoy the cocktails.

Cocktail Menu: 3 Full Cocktails. Think: Gin Gin Mules from the Pegu Club, versions of the Manhattan, the Cosmo (the right way), and drinks made famous by the best NYC cocktail bars of past and present. Additionally, we’ll  learn their stories and hear about the creators behind these iconic concoctions!

Food Menu - 5 Points Pizza, because what's more Iconic to New York than pizza? + Charcuterie and cheese pairings with bread, pita, and cracker boards. Assorted veggies, dips, hummus, and assorted sides will also be served. 

What You Need: Make sure to bring your photo ID, arrive early and let us know of any allergies you have or any non-alcoholic substitutes you desire. If you are in a group, please provide the number of people in your group and a designated name.



Liquor Lab reserves the right to refuse service to any guests who appear to be intoxicated or acknowledge intoxication.